Ideas about selling surveillence?



So my boss tells me we should sell surveillence, sounds like a good idea, but what about letting the customers see a webpage with there colocated machine and current status?

What I would like to do is to “split up” the nagios main site.
If I log on as nagiosadmin, I can see each and everyone of our monitored machines, but is it possible to make a new account wich only has access to see the status on defined machines?
(SMS/Mail included)

Any thoughts about this would be appriciated.

Best Regards
Lars Engstr


Maybe have a look at I also use this. Its a webinterface for Nagios. With this you can define customer logins in combination with ACL etc.


This is a built in functionality. Heres the doc on cgi authentication:

Might i suggest getting a theme like Nuvola to make the site look pretty as well.


Thank you very much, I’ll look in to this.