If host unreachable, assume services in unknown state?


Hi folks - I asked this once before but maybe not quite in the right way!

If a host is unreachable because its parent is down - is there a way to assume services on that host are in an unknown state rather than a critical state?



The only way I can think of accomplishing such a feat would be to craft an event handler to submit some external commandssuch as DISABLE_HOST_SVC_CHECKS or DISABLE_HOSTGROUP_SVC_CHECKS to stop active checking of the services on the host/hostgroup behind the parent, then put each service in an unreachable state by sending an “Unknown” as a passive check result using PROCESS_SERVICE_CHECK_RESULT. Then remember to re-enable the active service checks when the parent comes back up.

That would probably work, but as a managable solution in a large environment, it’d be just horrible to implement and maintain. :cry:




Thanks - will take a look. The only reason I want to achieve this is because my nagios instance is on a less than reliable network, and monitoring services which are on very reliable networks. So availability figures are as bad as the worst link in the chain. I’d really like to filter out the unreachable services. There may be another way of doing this - and I’m sure I found a workaround a few years ago but can’t remember how I did it :frowning: !


ah… perhaps a distributed monitoring setup with multiple instances of nagios accross your “reliable” networks is the way of the future… If you remember the workaround, do let me know.