"Ignoring lame service dependency" message


I have a set of two devices: an embennded Linux board with a LAN interface, and a wireless AP/Bridge. The two are part of the industrial monitoring application. Linux box collects the data, and sends it through the wi-fi bridge to the server. Linux box is connected to the wifi bridge throught a ethernet cable (no switch). So I set up a service dependency as follows below:

define servicedependency {
host_name Wi-Fi_Bridge # my wireless bridge
service_description Connectivity # ping
dependent_host_name Linux_box # my Linux box
dependent_service_description DataCollection # data transfer

Both wifiBridge and Linux box are on the same LAN, so they both have the same network set up. When I run Nagios, it spits up a message:Warning: Ignoring lame service dependency (config file ‘/etc/nagios/dependencies.cfg’. Is there any way to force nagios to “honor” this dependency?


define servicedependency{
host_name Host B
service_description Service D
dependent_host_name Host C
dependent_service_description Service F
execution_failure_criteria o
notification_failure_criteria w,u
You need to define the criteria also. which I don’t see that you did from your copy/paste.