I'm off


As it looks i will not be working Nagios anymore… at least not where i work now as we are closing (damn debts and damn money sharks who preferred getting us closed than continue working while recovering from debts… but that’s another story).

I’d like to thank all thos with whom i shared a good time here on this forum.
Particularly a thank you goes to Evert for his nice and free forum which gave us a point to meet and discuss about this great tool.
And the other one oes to my “mentor” Jakkedup, thanks for showing the most of us how to use nagios, and our brain :stuck_out_tongue:

Greeting go to all those Italians who contacted me in any way via ICQ or MSN without writing here :smiley:

I don’t know how long i’ll continue checking in here (well at least as long as htey don’t shut the front door) but aftrwards i doubt it…

Thanks for the good times.

A free round of beer for all !! :smiley:

Ciao, Luca


Good luck Luca - if you ever fancy doing something with Banca Intesa/Banca Caboto then give me a shout. I’m based in their London branch so might be able to give you a few useful contacts.


the best of luck, Luca, and ‘don’t be a stranger’, as they say… 8)


Evert: I’ll do my best… :slight_smile:
Oh well at the worst i’ll be able install nagios in my new house (when ever it will be) to monitor the garden sprinklers… :smiley:
At least this way i have a reason to use it… and conitnue coming here looking for help on the check_snmp command for monitoring the water temperature… :smiley:

redtom: thanks. and you have mail :wink:


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This is sad indeed. Good luck to you, where ever you go. Thanks alot for your effort and help too.


back to this old thread…
I finally got a new “Ork Place” for the new year. :smiley:

I’ll be changing from unix managment to networking on switches and routers which i never did before. but who cares… i have my same money and i can learn something new.
As it looks i will be working nagios after all… how i can i setup networking stuff without a decent monitoring? :smiley:

Hope to read you all in the next year… if not… well it means they won’t let me install nagios. :smiley:

Have a merry christmas and ahppy new year… unluck there’s so many days off this year but well… try to relax a bit off work :slight_smile:

Ciao, Luca
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Hey that’s good news. I hope you enjoy your new position. If they don’t allow you to setup nagios to monitor your network, then tell them, troubleshooting will take a minimum of 45 minutes per incident, and if they can afford to be down that long. Or they could install nagios and know what is broken within 5 minutes. That should be an easy sell, if they care at all about production.



I believe it will not take long… 8)