Importing Windows Event Logs to Nagios



Is any of you monitoring errors that are written to the Event Log on the Windows machines? I was wondering is it possible to get event log contents, write it to some database and then report eroors through some plugin.



another way: does Nagios support databases for keeping logs? default method of keeping logs is the text file but with a lots of host and services it’s not the best way in my opinion so can i use for eqample MySQL to store Nagios logs?


I use nagios to monitor several Unix machines and there system log files. The plugin used is This plugin searches for a keyword that I define. If found, it reports and error and displays the line in the log file that contains that word(or words).

Nogios doesn’t store it’s log files in a DB as far as I know.


You can use the NC_Net client (replacement for ns_client) Works well! Disadvantage is that is uses to much processor power (peeks to 20% or so)!