In what file reads Nagios alarms?


Hi all,

First of all I’m new to nagios, second I like to make some changes to how Nagios handles things.

I need to know a few things (proberbly simple for many of you):

  1. When a alarm shows upp in “Service Problems” which file does is this event written to?
  2. Is this the same file that changes then a “Acknowledge” is done?

Thats all for now :slight_smile:



Why would you like to know that?

The files are here:


Thats the binary files, i ment the files containing the event data .
When I acknowlege a event i suppose something is written to a file that is read everytime the Status page is shown to se if the alarm should be displayed or not.

in the file var/nagiosstatus.sav under a host I can see


Is this the file that being read every time the status page is shown