Install Documentation for Nagios on Fedora?


Does anyone have or know of a good install document specifically for Fedora? I’ve tried to install on Fedora core 3 twice using the Nagios install guide, and yes I read it from cover to cover. Also tried a 3rd time using the RPM install of Nagios and the plugins but no luck with that either. If someone has a better guide for installing on Fedora I would really appreciate it.



Fedora, CentOS, whatever, they are all linux machines, they all have the same problematic items, and yours is most likely a firewall issue or any other number of possibilities.


The most common error I’ve seen for the Fedora 3 installs related to problems with selinux.

Try a search on these forums for selinux and I believe that will hopefully solve your problem.


True Technicolor, that’s why I pointed that out. Hopefully, he will turn off the firewall, and life will be good. But it really depends on what kinda trouble he is having, and that we don’t know yet.

But, the fact remains, Fedora is nothing unique or special when it comes to nagios. It’s just another linux box running apache.