I have found that many ppl have had this problem
I’m on

I have followed the install pdf for Nagios 3
and it has failed on install-webconfig
*** No rule to make target `install-webconfig’. Stop.

1, I have a folder called nagios in /usr/local with
bin etc libexec sbin share var
in, is this the installed programme, I’m new ish to linux and most things just work.

2, Can I just delete and install again, or is there an uninstall procedure?

3, Should the webinstall file be in there or would it have been installed in the Apache folder,

4, yes I have AMP installed.

Any help greatly appriciated as the boss is nagging me about this and it seems like a lot of hassle, compaed to other software installations.

Thanks, Phil.


I am having the same problem also having a problem running make install -commanmode. I am able to do make install, make install -init, and make install -config. When I run both make install -commandmode and make install -webconf, I get make invalid option – ‘c’. Any suggestions.


I got it to work but it is very picky. When doing make install, make install -install and make install -config. There is a space between install and - When doing make install-webconf you should not have a space. That is how i got it to work in Ubuntu.