Installing Windows 7 on a ABIT AB9 Pro - unknown device


Hi all,

I am atttempting to install Windows 7 on a machine with an ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard. All works fine, except for 1 Unknown device. It has hardware ids:


Which (preferably 64bit) driver do I use to turn this Unknown Device into a know device? :?:


Hi Evert,

I recently installed Windows 7 on a desktop with ABIT AB9 Pro motherboard. What you are looking for is
the driver for the uguru chip. The latest driver I found was version 3.109 but it supports only Windows
Vista and earlier versions of Windows.
As I understood from some forums, the company (ABIT) went down and you can’t find an updated driver
for Windows 7.
The uguru chip is used for overclocking, so if you do not intend to OC your computer you can disable this

I’m experiencing another problem with the Windows 7 installation on my desktop: It crashes/freezes every once
in a while. My guess is that it has something to do with the ABIT hardware. Did you experience such problems?
Didn’t had these problems with Windows Vista installation.

Hope this was helpful,


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