Integrating Nagios with HP OpenVIew or EMC SMARTS



We are currently using many tools of which Nagios and HP OpenView play a critical role. We are going ahead with deploying EMC SMARTS which will basically act like a Mananger Of Managers.

I am basically looking at integrating Nagios and EMC SMARTS — my requirement would be to propagate specific events that are coming into Nagios to EMC SMARTS that would be used as the consolidated dashboard.

Could anyone help me out on how to possibily integrate these two ???



My $0.02:

I recently did some research on integrating nagios w/HP OpenView and determined that it requires developing an SNMP proxy for nagios to remotely send events which HP OpenView can receive via the Network Node Manager (NNM).

Developing this SNMP proxy requires the use of the NNM SDK, of which I could not find a trial version on HP’s web site, and costs about $1K for the license.

That’s as far as I got as the go-ahead to purchase the NNM license has not been approved yet.

One other thing to mention, there is an SNMP MIB for nagios events available from the nagios plugins downloads page on at … p_id=29880

To note, I’ve never used HP OpenView nor have any access to NNM, so I’ve arrived at this just from reading the doc. Anyone who has any experience with HP OpenView/NNM please feel free to chime in and comment/correct where necessary.


Thanks a lot of the MIB, I shall upload the MIB onto my SMARTS server and see if that would suffice.

Has anyone worked with the Nagios MIB’s ??

Do all the events that are generated on Nagios get passed using the MIB’s ??