Interface the Nag's status.cgi from a separate server us


has anyone ever done this? i’m working on something for our corporate intranet. i found a class on sourceforge, but it was intended to be served by the same box as nagios.

i’d rather not re-invent the wheel if such an animal already exists… but if not… then i guess i’m forced to do it.


i didn’t even understand the question… :confused:
What are you trying to get? a modifiable cgi?



no. i’m trying to write a page in php that will interface with the status.cgi and parse it to pull up some basic status information on a page in our intranet, with links back to the actual nagios server to get more details. i’m basically just trying to provide an overview page of the status of each HostGroup.

like… have a page that comes up and presents a table with something like this…

Dedicated Servers -
Internal Servers -
Network Connections -

where you can click on any of those links and it will take you to the more detailed status for our hosts.

does that help?


why not use the “hostgroup summary” page?