Intermediate user needing expert help


Cliff notes: some or all active checks are not executing

MY ENV: nagios 3.2.0, RHEL 5.4

I have an earlier post where I discussed this problem in detail.

The services show up in the GUI but they are in a permanent PENDING. if I reload/restart the GUI indicates an updated scheduled check time but it never appears to occur, i.e I see nothing in nagios.log or nagios.debug. Here is my service definition:

define service { service_description NG-ETL-LINUX-PERF_swap_used display_name Linux swap used servicegroups NG-ETL-LINUX-PERF_service_group hostgroup_name NG-ETL-LINUX-PERF check_command check_nrpe!check_swap passive_checks_enabled 0 active_checks_enabled 1 check_interval 5 normal_check_interval 5 max_check_attempts 1 check_period 24x7 ; The service can be checked at any time of the day }

As you can see it doesn’t use a template and it has only the bare minimum because I am trying to figure out what is wrong.

I really need help trying to determine why the active checks are not being executed.

SIDE QUESTION: the documentation is very confusing on check_interval vs normal_check_interval are they both used in 3.2.0? indicates they are but the nagios-3 contradicts it to some degree.


I guess in the end I knew it would be my fault :confused: I was just hoping someone would help me uncover my own goof. What I found with the help of a peer is that while I was testing our ticketing system integration I left some bad code in place. The obcess over host/service checks were on globally. The result was a shell script running send_nsca for every single check. These were found to be hanging and thus the other active checks died a horrible death. I thought I would inform everyone in case you do something just as stupid.