Internal Server Errors on CGIs - not SELinux or authenticati


I’ve installed Nagios by following the Quickstart Installation Guides ( … edora.html) which seems to go fine - I’m getting emails every hour reporting on low disk space. It seems that Nagios is running but I cannot access any of the CGIs in my browser. Authentication seems fine and the Apache error log is giving me “premature end of script headers”. SELinux is and has always been disabled.

I would like to test the binaries from the command line, though I don’t know how. I’m expecting I’ll need to re-compile the binaries, though I don’t know how to do this either.

Vitals are as follows;
CentOS 4.5
Nagios 3.0b7
Plugins 1.4.10


Have you ever solved this problem, I’m facing exactly the same issue but can’t find the solution
CentOS 5.2, Nagios 3.5


Do as said here:
and if it doesn’t work, install everything again.