Internet Explorer Title Bar


I’m new to Nagios and Ubuntu. I have it installed and I’m monitoring a few systems right now, all seems to be working well. One annoyance I have is that when I open up the web UI in IE, the Title Bar says Cannot fine server. Is there anyway to change this in Ubuntu or Nagios. If so, please provide instructions, very basic instructions as I’m still getting used to Ubuntu and Nagios.

Thanks in advance.



What about browsing in Opera or Firefox? Is the title bar in these ok? Try that, and if it works in any of those browser then it is M$ and IE problem.
Are you able to see the web GUI and just that title bar annoys you or you can’t even view the Nagios GUI?


Thanks for the response Albin. You’re right, when I browse in FireFox it says Nagios in the Title Bar. In IE, it says Cannot find server. The Web GUI still displays, it’s just an annoyance when I have it minimized on my taskbar. I’ll just use firefox. Thanks for your help.