Interval betwen check host attemps



I have defined several hosts in hosts.cfg. For each host I have set check_command=check-host-alive and max_check_attempts=5.

I don’t know what is the interval betwen checks attempts and how to change it.

If nagios finds that a hosts is in a soft down or unreachable status it will recheck the host status untill max_check_attempts.

¿What is the default interval between checks attempts?
¿Where can I change it?

Thanks in advance


This is the number of seconds per “unit interval” used for timing in the scheduling queue, re-notifications, etc. “Units intervals” are used in the host configuration file to determine how often to run a service check, how often of re-notify a contact, etc.

As I understand it -> if Nagios fails to check host or service it will reshedule it for the next interval so if you have max_check_attempts=5 configured this host will be checked for 5 times once a minute

Details are in the documentation under Timing Interval Length in the main configration file options