Invert servicestate response


Hi everyone, i am guessing this is fairly easy to do but i am getting stuck so was wondering if anyone could help,

first of let me explain what i am trying to do, i am trying to get nagios to report a critical error when it detects that ntbackup is running.

I know there must be a clearner way of doing this so that it can actually check to see if a backup completes properly but at the moment i am just trying to get it to warn me if an ntbackup is still running during the day (as normally the backup runs at night so i wouldn’t expect to seee it during the day.)

i was hopeign to try and invert the critcal response. so that when nagios sees ntbackup.exe is stopped everything is reported as fine. but when it sees ntbackup.exe it gives me a critical error.

this is the bit of code i have been trying to use.

define service{ 
                    use generic-service 
                    host_name server 
                    service_description ntbackup
                    check_command check_nt!procSTATE! -l ntbackup.exe=stopped 

it seems to give me an [OK] message when the service isn;t running, but also an [OK] when the service is running :frowning:

i am guessing it is something silly i am doing my end.

thanks in advance.