IP that just wont work in nagios :(


Hi all,

We are currently using nagios to monitor 300 WAN customers and internet links and one IP address of a host will not work no matter what we do.

The IP address is

I have tried building a fresh host/hostgroup for this IP address as well as substituting in this IP address into a config that is working. This is the only IP in the subnet that is having an issue as I have tried the address either side and they work fine.

When using this address nagios adds this as a host problem. Though the IP address is ping-able from the server that nagios is running on.

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

I emailed the guys at nagios.org but have yet to receive a responce.

Thanks in advance.



Have you tried checking it from command line with the plugins you want to use in the services.cfg. For example use ./check_http if this is the http you want to monitor on this IP