Is HA a single point of failure?


Hi all,

I am evaluating different virtualization platforms and it is time for KVM. My main points of concern are regarding two issues. But lest’s start with High Availability.

In VMware (which I think is great but too costly), you set up HA for a cluster easily from the vCenter manager. Once it is set up, even with the vCenter server offline, the system will react to a server poweroff by “migrating” VMs to another server within the cluster. Therefore, it is some sort of distributed system where is not a single point of failure. On the other hand, RHEV has a centralized manager controlling it all and it it fails, no HA will be available at all.

My question is… which HA model does KVM provide? vMware? RHEV? Other?. Will my system still have HA if the management node falls?. Also, any recommended tool for my virtual platform management?.

Thanks in advance,