Is down?



I am aware that this is not the place to register this problem…but meulie and the uk forum, in my opinion, are the most useful resources, to reach out to nagios users.

Off lately, the forum throws up a ** HTTP 403 Forbidden ** error, when I try to access it…Is the server down or what?.. If it is actually down, then the web masters for that site should kindly post a message informing users of the same.

Please let me know.

Thanks in advance


[html] Hmm, dunno what happened there… If I recall they have had some downtime before, bt recovered from it, so who knows…? :wink:



Thanks, Evert… :frowning:


Actually, I think the dude(s) of read/post here as well, so who knows…?

Maybe one of them can reply and inform us? 8)


Hmm, I guess Ethan either knows more than me, OR he reads this forum: now only lists this forum for the English language…


Hi Evert,

Thanks for the response.

I had noticed, a while ago, that the link to forum was amiss on the Nagios web site.

I hope that they bring the forum back up soon.

Meulie and the UK forum are an excellent resource for Nagios users.

Kudos to you all and Keep up the Great work ! … :frowning: