Is it possible to disable "Warning: XX has no services


Hi, I’m upgrading my company’s installed version of Nagios from 1.0 to 2.9 and using Oreon 1.4 as the front end for administration.

I’ve been working on this project for a couple months. In the process we’ve decided to move away from redundant checks and notifications. Previously the system was configured to have a “check-host-alive” for each host defined in the Host Template. Also, every device had a PING service defining warning/critical response time values for each device. While this kept the "nagios -v " command happy, providing a service for every device, we simply do not need redundant checks.

Most of our devices only require a simple ping, so as of now I’m getting approx 190+ warnings when I run “nagios -v.” I know that a simple workaround would be to give every device a NULL check, but we have over 550 devices and it would just cause a cluttered services section.

Is there any way to disable the warning notifications for devices that have no services associated them, or any other workarounds so I don’t have loads of dummy services?




b-b-b-bummmp? No suggestions at all?


I have the same issue, although with a lot fewer hosts,
I guess the only way to get rid of the:
Warning: Host ‘blah’ has no services associated with it!

lines you don’t care about is pipe the output through grep or similar, remove these lines and then give you the output. Not the most sexy option I know…


Yeah, I wish it was an option for me. I’m running the command through the Oreon interface; so doing the above would mean some major modifications.

I’m curious, how does everyone else do this? Everyone doing redundant checks? Check-host-alive for the host check and then a ping for a service? I’m curious now.


nobody else cares that nagios -v is giving warnings. it doesn’t affect the running program. Why are you so concerned?