Is Nagios Capable of Performing Multiple Checks


My Question is :

I am Using Nagios to check for a process running on a server , right now its capable of restarting the process if it dies after checking for 3 times. after 3 retries]

what i am trying to accomplish here is even after the restart if it cant start the process
i want it to do something else like triggering a script to perfor some action.

Is this possible with NAGIOS?..



Useless if you ask me…it’s better to watch it out. If it stops and doesn’t start after you command try to start it, you’ve better look out what’s goin’ on. You cannot write a script to fix any kind of troubles…


I agree with R , what i meant was failover the service to another server , so the script wil be used to modify the config file so that app can talk to secondary standby application.

so in the mean time i can fix the primary app.

  • and also is there ant command to pass on to disable service checks and alerting ?.. one i make a switch over?.

thnak you