Is "time" an option under Capture Filters?

I wish to display packets, captured from a recorded WireShark file “.pcap”, within a certain time frame, where format is set to “time of the day”.
i.e { (ip.src == and ip.dst == or (ip.src == and ip.dst == and time >= 17:45:27 and time <= 17:46:01} , using Capture Filters.

The above example has recorded the data transfer that took place from source to destination from the mentioned IPs. I wish to display only those packets that were transferred from Start Time:17:45:27 (5.45.27 p.m) to End Time (5.46.01 p.m) by using Statistics-> IO Graphs option.

Although the above command was accepted syntactically by WireSharp under Capture Filters option, the purpose was not served and was NOT able to get any output for the same.

Can someone help me out with this problem ?

I believe that you need to use the time.frame filter instead of just time. This website has a couple of good examples. … 00-to-1700. I hope that helps.