Issues with Nagios RPM Install

The RPM install of Nagios was fairly strait forward. I installed the RPMs for Nagios and the Nagios-plugins along with the misc. required RPMs. Unfortunatly, all the documentation is written toward a non rpm install.

The RPM file added all the appropriate httpd.conf configurations, and I setp up proper users, etc. It is viewable at:

userid: guest
password: guest

[[email protected] nagios]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/nagios start
Starting network monitor: nagios
CONFIG ERROR! Start aborted. Check your Nagios configuration.
[[email protected] nagios]#

I just cannot get it to run and cannot see the issue with the Nagios config.

I even altered ownership info in the ‘nagios.conf’ to root:


This determines the effective user that Nagios should run as.

You can either supply a username or a UID.



This determines the effective group that Nagios should run as.

You can either supply a group name or a GID.


Anybody have an idea of where i went wrong?

only thing i feel to recommend… clean up the install and get it from source. Even fixing it at thsis stage would probably have some problm further on. And it takes less to reinstal from source than trying to fix it over a forum…


The only thing I have to add, other than my strong suggestion to follow Luca’s advice(ditch the RPM’s), is that you could run a check on the config files by using the -v switch.