Just starting - most basic config - status map grey, nothing



I’m trying to get Nagios 3.0.3 up and running.

I’m working through the Nagios manual from start to end. Everything is installed and started a-ok, but for the past day I’m been struggling to get anything other than localhost monitored.

I’ve just wiped and re-installed again to make sure I didn’t do anything “funny”. After the clean install, I started Nagios and logged on via the web interface. Everything looked good, and localhost was monitored OK.

Next I tried to add a Windows host as per the “monitoring-windows” documentation. I added the client software onto the Windows host, modified the nagios.cfg file and changed the ip address in windows.cfg. I ran nagios -v, which reported 2 hosts, restarted nagios but still only have information on localhost. The Tactical Overview shows 1 active host. The Service Detail shows only localhost. The host detail shows only localhost. The hostgroup overview shows two group, but only Linux Servers has a host - localhost; Windows Server has only the heading. Hostgroup summary shows “No matching hosts” and “No matching services” for Windows Servers. In Status Map I see three items - Winserver (grey), localhost (green) and Nagios process.

What am I forgetting to add / change?


Edit: AH! There was an old nagios process still running in memory. For whatever reason the init script didn’t kill it, but killall did :slight_smile:

Edit: Tested over again and the init script really doesn’t work. I’ll be re-writing it to do a proper reload/restart.

Edit: Changing the kill function works great:

killproc_nagios ()

    killall nagios



Have you accidently put the:
register 0
variable in host definition. If you have, it should be set to one or removed, 'cause this variable is meant to represent host template not real host.

Try to just ping the windows host with a ping service, so to be sure the Nagios can reach the host. Also re-check the path to configuration files in your nagios.cfg.



You need to add those host in service group. and try referesh your browser.