JYTHON checks always return (null) in nagios 3.2.0



I have found no information on this anywhere. I have a set of plugins written in jython and for some reason nagios always gets a (null) back from the plugin.

I have checked the obvious and even written a simple dummy plugin and whenever jython is used to run the plugin nagios gets a null.

Ownerships are cool. I can run my check from command line and get my ouput. but its almost as if jython is missing some important environmental or something and silently dying.

Im using nagios 3.2.0

Example of jython plugin:
import errno, sys
print "Ok|random=4"

I have tried calling it directly and via a shell wrapper but to no avail. Has anyone got a jython plugin to work?



try running the plugin you wrote running it by crontab so you can see if it requires something elseā€¦ have the output piped to a file.