KVM PCI-passthrough, error...? (solved)


EDIT: Solved. Using a kernel 2.6.30x made it working. Thanks for reading :wink:

Hi all,

I try to get a pci-device to a virtual Kubuntu 8.10 being a VM in Kubuntu 9.04 (kvm-84).
Host: x64, quad-Opteron 2352, 8gb RAM; HDDs at Adaptec 2820sa-raid;
PCI-device to pass through: TV-card at PCI 01:04.0

After writing to the .xml:

I get the error message:
error: this function is not supported by the hypervisor: No PCI reset capability available for 0000:01:04.0

Any advice what that means and how to get it running?
Thanks in advance,