Large Installation


We are looking to do an extremely large installation of Nagios. Is it possible to monitor over 800 machines and over 14000 services?

Has anyone tried doing anything like this? If you have how successful was it and how did you configure it?


It CAN be done… probably a single server will not be able to support it, but it depends on the type of checks, how often you do these and how often the servers go up/down…


We are planning on doing a distributed setup. Which is better to use NSCA or NDO? We will be storing information in the database regardless of which transfer system we use.

One of my co-workers found a front-end called Centreon. Has anyone used it? What did you like/dislike about it?


I suppose your question is between NSCA and NRPE. It depends on how you want to setup your distributed environment, one is an “active” solution, the master server says “do this check” and waits for the results, in the second system it’s the remote server doing the check and sending the result to the main server.

I’ve had a look at icinga recently and from their presentation it looks like the system interfaces have been simplified a lot (in regards to DB and other internal messaging), could be worth a look on a big system if you have the chance to make some tests, the config files should be quite identical yet.

I have no idea about Centreon, but the past experience (a couple of years back so YMMV) wasn’t positive with any kind of frontend to nagios, be it in the administrative part or in the visualization. The config stuff mostly broke the files in mysterious and unexpected ways while there was little benefit to the visualization, the few i found interesting were nagvis (layering images to the maps to have a more immediate look for what is wrong) and one with a name similar to nagiosgraph (the one to graphically create the nagios maps).