Linux machine cpu usage monitoring


Dear all,

I am the big geek of nagios and its plugins. I am unable to extract/see the outputs of check_aix_cpu plugin for remote machine, however i can easily monitor it for local server where nagios being deployed. Nextly, the nagios server CPU usage is always between 99-100%(may be because my machine is normal PC with 1.5gb RAM and normal configurations).

My current problem is to get CPU usage informations(check_aix_cpu) for remote linux machine without using snmp.



have a look at check_by_ssh if it’s the only remote check you need.


Dear Luca,

Thanks for the support. It worked with ssh now.

When i execute like:

freeBSD1#./ -w 90 -c 95
OK - CPU usage at -15887.25%

Why the CPU usage result shown is something like garbage? I am performing this on a freeBSD server.



no idea, i suppose it’s something in the perl script… you’ll have to work your way through that code.