Log rotation issues


I’m having some random problems with daily log rotation that I can’t seem to figure out. Most days everything is fine, the daily Nagios log gets rotated into the archive folder and I can see all of the previous days activities just fine.

Occasionally though the nagios logs will roll over to the archive directory but the ONLY data that is showing in them is the “Current Host State” and “Current Service” state as well as the final line showing.

“Warning: A system time change of 47 seconds (backwards in time) has been detected. Compensating…”

Every single entry that WAS in the log file for the previous day (notifications/alerts/etc) have been completely wiped out. This happened for over a week and a half every night, and then one day it just fixed itself and its been fine for the last few days. I can tell just by looking in the archived log directory at the file sizes. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with log files loosing data after archiving?

I’ve change my rotation method to hourly and ill let you know how it goes. I thought it might have something to do with the system time change error because that line does NOT show up in any of the “proper” log files that did archive just fine.