Maintenance state


Is there any way to put a device in a “Maintenance state”. This state would display a different color (like yellow) when it was in a scheduled downtime, been acknowledged, or put into the system, but not yet physically deployed.

What ways have others done this sort of thing?

I have considered using passive checks, but wanted them to become automatically active after the device was deployed.


I started thinking about this more and was wondering if this would be handled well by a global event handler.

I was thinking that maybe putting a list of hosts that are not yet deployed together, then have the global event handler check the list…if they are in the undeployed list then return values to put them in an unknown state.

Otherwise, let the original check go through.

Does that seem like a plausible solution?

I could also do a ping check against the host that is on the ‘not deployed’ list and if it returns a valid response, then delete it from the ‘not deployed’ list.

Any thoughts?


My thoughts are to define the hosts and services and just click the link, “disable active checks” until they are deployed. Didn’t you ask this in another thread? If so, please don’t do that, I just answered the same question twice.