Manage error's nagios

I’ve been working with nagios for a while now and it works great.
Now I want to control error’s myself, I want to have an option within nagios that makes it possible to change the status of the service/host when an error occurs.
Does anyone now if this feature is possible within nagios ?

what kind of errors? if you can runa ascript to check a condition you can report it in nagios via SNMP.


i have an script using die nrpe_nt agent on a windows machine and when it finds something it gives an error in nagios,but when he does the check again the check could be Succeeded,so i want that the error stay’s in nagios till i’ve seen it cause now it resolves by himself and i dont see the error

It sounds like you are talking about “volatile services”. … vices.html
Am I correct to say that you want
"I don’t want a check that has failed, to EVER go back to “OK”, unless I force it to be OK"?

I don’t think there is a way, but better yet, why would you? Simply have nagios notify you of the error by email, and then let it go ahead and continue to check the machine.

For example: I use a check_log plugin, that looks for a “regex” in a log file. If it finds this entry, it notifies me. but of course, the next time it checks the log 5minutes later, it’s not going to find this pattern, unless of course, the entry really does exist again. What reason could you have to NOT want nagios to continue to check a servcie?