Max number of hosts for pings



I am new to nagios and I’m looking to set up a box running it to replace are current system (whats up gold).

We have a very large number of devices we monitor ( pings only ) so I was wondering are there any limits. I would want to monitor around 800 devices. That possible on 1 box running nagios?

What are some totals number of hosts others are monitoring?



My central nagios server use to run over 1000 service checks every 5 minutes. Somewhere around 1000 the values being returned for RTA becan to climb. I then segmented the checks over several other boxes and now only have about 5 service checks being ran by the nagios central server. The rest are being ran by nagios distributed servers and results given to central via nsca as Passive checks. I have found no top limit yet to passive checks.


jakkedup, thank you for the reply.