Memory issue



I have major problems with my nagios installation. I have to restart the server twice every week because nagios is eating up my memory. After about 4 days nagios uses about 700Mb of RAM. Perhaps some plugin doesn’t return memory correct but it’s hard to find. About 300 services is running now since i turned of a couple of checks to find the problem. But still the same problem.
Perhaps someone else has the same problem?

// Larry


Nagios is going to use as much as you can give it. The settings in the nagios.cfg file can help you change that, if you like. In other words, if you have 8G of ram, after a short time, you will most likely be using all of it. … ent_checks



Changed the value to 40. The machine i’m running on is a Proliant with dual xeon 2.4 and 1gb memory. Perhaps i should upgrade with some more memory to?


1G is plenty, that is what I use. But as you stated, nagios ends up using all of it in a short amount of time. It runs great like this, but I suppose, adding more memory might make it perform that much better. I’d go for it, since you have such huge CPU power.