Memory leak in 3.0 stable?


Hi @ll,

since this is my 1st post in this forum I’d like to quickly introduce myself. My name is Dennis and I’m a SysAdmin (Win/ Unix/Linu:evil: working for a mid-sized company in germany providing portal business solutions. I’ve been playing around with Nagios for a couple of weeks now and recently upgraded (better said installed from scratch) to the new stable 3.0 since we were not yet Live, thus I decided to go with the most recent version.

Now to my problem: I’ve got the PNP addon installed as well and when monitoring the memory utilization @ “localhost”, i.e. the host that Nagios runs on, it looks as if that box is constantly consuming more and more memory and not freeing up any memory at all. Since Nagios is the only one service running on that box I doubt that it’s another process giving me pains.

Does anybody encounter the same problem? I couldn’t find a toppic regarding this issue so far, so I decided to start this one.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dennis,

I do not have PNP addon installed but the memory of my nagios server is constantly increasing. I have installed the nagios 3.0.3 in a CentOS 5.2.
Did you get to solve the memory leak?