Which pluging would allow me to check memory, I’ve gone through them all and the only closest one I can find is check proc but thats if I look for a specific thing, I’d like to be able to see free/active/inactive ect memory from nagios and alert me if free falls below a certin range.

In your plugin src directory, there is a
directory. Untar/zip the check_memory.tgz file and have at it.
Also have a look at

I cudnot find that /contrib/tarballs/check_memory.tgz
will you please tell me how to check memory now…
please have some idea… … nagext_pi1[p_view]=311&tx_netnagext_pi1[page]=10%3A10
And also, /src/nagios-plugins-1.4.0alpha1/contrib/tarballs/
There is a memory check in the 1.4.0 alpha source and also in the
src/nagios-plugins-1.4.2/contrib/ source just as I stated before.

thanks…I found that…
but fro mthis plugin I could not specify host whose memory usage is to be find out
please will you specify how to use it with the hos address

The memory check plugin - along with such plugins as check_disk, check_procs, etc. - are what we call “local” checks. They must be run directly on the system you’re trying to monitor.

But do not worry! It is still possible to check these local resources on remote hosts. You can use a daemon, such as NRPE or NSCA, which are installed on the remote host(s) along with applicable plugins. These daemons will send the results of the checks back to your main Nagios box.

The other alternative is check_snmp, though I’ve never used it to check local resources on remote hosts.

I will check that…thank u
also I have not configured NAGIOS with snmp…so I cannot use check_snmp…so may b lets check with NRPE or NSCA

Nagios should have compiled and installed with no trouble re:snmp, but it’s the plugins that might not have compiled and installed check_snmp properly. If that is the case, then you where missing the libs or something and the ./configure would tell you what you needed. 50% of my checks are with check_snmp, so I have no idea how you can live without it.