Migrating Nagios to a new server


Hi all. I have an existing instance of Nagios 3.0.6(1.4.11 plugins) on a box. I’m trying to move it to a new rack server. Here’s the run down

Rack Server:
Ubuntu 9.04
Nagios 3.0.6(1.4.11 plugins)

I assumed moving the cfg files to the new server would do the trick. So I moved the contents of /usr/local/nagios/etc/ and /usr/local/nagios/etc/objects to the new server. Unfortunately, all the hosts wind up getting a Return Code 126(plugin may be missing). I don’t understand why because the rack server was set up with the quickstart guide the same way as the old server. Any help would be appreciated.


cehck the /usr/local/nagios/libexec directory… are the plugins available?


Figured out the problem. The guy who installed Ubuntu on the server didn’t install snmp… :x