Can someone send me another example of minimal.cfg ? a file with various plugins configured.

I’m totally noob, just try to learn Nagios.
The main problem I have here is that I don’t know the parameters I have to pass for the plugins.

Each plugin is different. Each plugin can show you the options by typing ./pluginname -h
I suggest that you follow the docs that show you exactly what each file is for. i.e. hosts.cfg services.cfg etc. In other words, get rid of your minimal.cfg and make a file for each type.

It’s imperative that you read the nagios docs at least once, from beginning to end.

I’ve read plenty of Nagios related stuff.

For example, I have download a plugin called check_winmem. When I type ./check_winmem -h or --help it tells me there are no file or directory (so there is no help). This is happening with a lot of plugins, mainly Windows ones. With Novell plugins I have no problem.

Sorry for the bad English.

All plugins that have been written to the guidelines published by the developer of nagios, will have -h. So, those plugins are not “standard” or “by the book”. There is NO WAY I or anyone else could give you one answer for the mulittudes of plugins that DON’T have a help or -h.

If you have a plugin that doesn’t have -h, as an option, then you will have to read the help files that came with that plugin or contact the maker of that plugin. Surely the website you downloaded it from has something.

Since you apparently have read much on nagios, then you know by now what the sytax of minimal.cfg is. If it’s simply the checkcommands that you have sytax trouble with, then I’m sorry, I can’t help with that, since I don’t have the plugins that you are using.