Minimum Requirements


Curious if anyone knows the minimum requirements for this product. I have it all up and running and think it is awesome. The problem I am seeing is that I get random errors even though there is not problem. This is specifically on a couple of computers but many seem to be having the trouble. I have even set up 2 exact same monitors to the same computer one will report up the other down. Hmmmm. This only seems to happen to windows boxes running ns++.

This is getting frustrating getting dozens of alarms a day that are not really a problem.

Any ideas would be appreciated.



i would say that the problem doesn’t come from nagios itself, but probably from either ns++ or the plugins.

anwyay, what is the error message ?


it is not really an error . it just fails and gives me either a red host or red service sometimes all of them on the same machine. If you think it is the plugin is there a solid plugin for windows/Mac or linux?


Yup I think you have the answer. I did have it set up correctly. I am getting various errors on NSClient++ Everything I have read so far says this is by far the client to use for Windows boxes but if it is fails or shuts down once or twice a day this is a real issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a replacement client for this or any other client.

I have been changing my nsclient boxes to restart after the first 2 failures and reset fail count every day. This is a pretty cruddy work around it would seem though.


Well, I’m using:
(NRPE for NT)

I’ve had a lot less difficulties to make it work than nsclient++ … but I’ve read on this forum that some people just can’t make it work on their servers …
So, either you’re lucky and it works like a charm, either you’re not and don’t waste time to try to make it work :slight_smile:

Hope you’re lucky !


For anyone else that is having this issue with NSCLient++ the solutions is to have the service restart if failed.I have done this on a number of machines and the problem is gone. YAY tks for the help loose.


Which version of nsclient do you use?
I had the same problem and upgraded my client to “NSClient++ 2008-08-24” since then it works fine.