Monitor Cisco ASA Dual ISP


I’m still new to Nagios, so maybe I’m missing something obvious.
I have a remote Cisco ASA that I am trying to monitor so that we receive alerts when the main internet line goes down and it fails over to the backup ISP (The ASA is on a wireless connection and internet problems are all too common). I currently have the host in nagios configured with the LAN IP which is reachable through a VPN tunnel, and then I have ping services monitoring both WAN IP addresses. – The ASA does not respond to pings on the backup interface until it is actually being used.
This works well enough, but the service for the backup WAN IP will show a critical state when not in use. If possible I’d like the backup wan ping service to be something like a gray pending status when the primary wan replies normally, then change to an OK status when active.

This isn’t really a high priority issue, but I would like to clear up some of those big red CRITICAL problems if possible.



write a shell script, call your two ping checks, examine the results and output something based on your needs. :slight_smile: