Monitor Multiframe Relay Circuits - SNMP Plugin


Good afternoon to you all

I have a couple Cisco routers and circuits being monitored by Nagios. We have now started to implement some multiframe relay solutions. The problem is, how do I monitor each individual circuit?




I think you’re easiest route is to get the check_snmp plugin installed. This is available as part of the standard plugin package but the installation routine will check to see whether you have the required NET-SNMP package installed first, and if not will skip install of that plugin, so in a nutshell all you need to do is

  1. install the NET-SNMP package
  2. re-install your nagios plugins
    and then you should in theory have your check_snmp check ready to roll.

Find out all about NET-SNMP including download and how to install it from here -

Good luck and if you get stuck do come back and I’m sure someone will be able to offer some assistance.