Monitor process RAM usage

  1. Can Nagios monitor the amount of RAM a process is using?
  2. Is there anyway to administer(start/stop via Nagios) the process if it triggers a critical?


on linux?

1)i think yes via check_proc… not sure. if not with a script :slight_smile:
2) yes check for event handlers

on windows i suppose it can be done too… but i’m not sure about number 2)


I forgot to mention the catch, lol. It has to be on a remote Windows server with NSClient++ installed. With that said, can Nagios do either of the two things I mentioned?


no idea there… :smiley:


Is check_procs a local service or can it also be executed on a monitored machine? Because I’m thinking if I can at least monitor whether or not the service is within a certain RAM range, the client can manually turn the service off. What would the syntax look like for using the check_procs plugin?

I also noticed there’s no RAM metric listed in the --help documentation but I’m not sure if its aliased or not. They have VSZ(virtual memory size) but I wasn’t sure if this would be considered RAM. Any ideas?


check_procs is a local plugin for linux… no use on ntclient++ :slight_smile: