Monitor server load, memory, and temprature



How can i use nagios to monitor the cpu and memory load, and tempreature of a linux server?


Hi robert.

Just read the nagios docs for more information. Your question is a little bit vague. You need to install the Nagios and then configured it to monitor what you want. =)


i have nagios running already, i need to know the configuration that i need to add to monitor the server load like, cpu, network and memory.

please advise


Try looking in the libexec directory and type ./check_whatever --help for each and every one of them. They will ALL tell you what syntax to use, and what the plugin is used for.
My guess would be that
check_load in the nagios/libexec directory in the ~/src/nagios-plugins-1.4/contrib directory would be a good one to try out.