Monitoring 3ware raid on linux servers


I looks on the internet, on forum and the nagios exchange website but I couldn’t find
a good how to guide for setting up Nagios to monitor my 3ware Raid cards and to send
me a notification as soon as something is wrong.

I do already have tw_cli setup and all my remote servers but I have to go check manually
on all my server which take a long time and I wont get any notification if something is wrong.

I have looks at some script on the Nagios exchange but they were not intergraded into Nagios.
(they were basically just way to monitor all server from one server which doesn’t really help me)
A lot of people say to use SSH or NRPE but I cant find any good explication anywhere.
I try to use SSH yesturday but it say that tw_cli needs to run as root even tho “I think” I set it up
the way its should be.

What do you guys use to monitor Raid and where did you get your information…
Thanks everyone let me know if you need more info

I want to monitor all my RAID card ASAP.

Thanks in advance


I figured it out myself…
Its just not integrated in Nagios… but its does the same thing with a script in an a cron job…
let me know if want more info ill let you know how I did it…

PS… anyone have an idea where I can find tw_cli 64bit version… the damn 3ware website doesnt exist anymore since its all change to


if you made a script with a cronjob you can create a nagios plugin and integrate it by yourself… :wink:


must be but I just don’t know how?

please tell me more…


have a look here, a simple shell script using those return codes works too.