Monitoring arrving emails in Outlook


Hey guys, I need your expertise. I need to monitor 10 emails that is being sent by our vendor(a different company) every 3AM. We used those emails for our SLA. If we don’t get those emails or if some are missing, then our application will for sure not function properly as it is dependent on the data that is being sent by the vendor. We need to monitor it so that our high level people are able to see the status of all applications.

It is actually being monitored but it’s a vb code that is being executed by Reminder in Outlook. If you ask, POP3 and IMAP are disabled. Ouch! I wish it was open because I can write a script in Unix that connects to those services and just run some POP3 commands to take a look at the subject.

So, do you guys have something that can do this kind of check? I tried google and hoping there was a daemon that we can install on a unix box. This daemon has a connection to that mailbox that we are monitoring, then it logs to a file like /var/log/franks_inbox.log. Then I can use or swatch to monitor that file then populate nagios.cmd.

Please let me know guys! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :wink: