Monitoring Backup Jobs


I’ve got nagios montoring about 100 hosts or so but I need to be able to monitor their backup jobs in some easy way. The majority of the servers run Veritas Backupexec, which sends out emails, but there are too many to look at really now.

Does anybody know of a way of using nagios to monitor backup jobs and if not do you know any other ways, free preferably.

Im looking into a script to collect and process the emails somehow so they can be displayed in a nice screen with green for ok, red for fail, yellow for ok with exceptions etc.

Anyone got any ideas?


I understand that there are event log checks that can be used. Try one of them.

okay thats another avenue to explore.


possibly the backup software has some SNMP access? some programs have… it’s not the fastest solution but i think you don’t need to check it every 5 minutes…