Monitoring connection between 2 hosts


Am a bit new to nagios and i have been able to load and monitor all the servers and services i need.
But can’t figure out what i should do in order to monitor the connection between 2 windows server.
basically i would like to monitor that server A( has a connection to server B( on port 1234.
Is nagios capable of doing this?
how should i go about doing this?

thanx in advance
sjnyce .


The question is what you mean by “connection between 2 windows servers”.
I guess you mean a normal lan connection via ethernet?
You could use the nsclient++ in combination with check_nt.
nsclient++ is a remote agent for windows servers and check_nt is the nagios plugin which
communicates with it: … ndows.html
You still need something that does the check, so you could write a script (plugin) which pings the
other maschine and run it on one of the windows servers by nsclient++.