Monitoring Dual CPU



I can’t find anything related about monitoring dual cpu in this forum ( or I use the wrong search words) but how can i do this ?

I’m planning an configuration for 2 new servers we receive this month and both of them has an dual cpu opteron. But is there an way to monitor each cpu on the system, or is the only way to monitor them both as they are one. I can’t find in the NSClient tool that it support 2 cpus or take it the averages of the 2 cpus and returns this to nagios ?

I hope you guys can help me and understand it :smiley:

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How about monitoing your servers using CHECK_SNMP?
SNMP make it possible to Monitor each CPU


Thats an idea yeah. Thanks, i will take a look at it.

Do you know where i can’t find how the snmp works ? What kind of arguments it needs to check for example the cpu load ? i see on the net things like etc etc… but i don’t know what they do… :shock:

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Install Net-SNMP on your linux box


I assume this is a windows remote box you wish to monitor.
Use nc_net found at nagiosexchange.