Monitoring explorer.exe in a virtual machine


I have NSClient++ installed on a VMware virtual machine. The virtual machine has Windows Server 2003 on it. Nagios is able to pull over all the normal stats(memory, drive space, CPU, etc.) but its showing explorer.exe as ‘Not Running’. The NSClient was installed on the virtual machine with the local administrator account in hopes that it would fix the explorer.exe problem…but it didn’t. So my last thought is that Nagios is having trouble recognizing explorer.exe because its a virtual machine. Has anyone encountered this problem?

Side Note: I have Nagios monitoring a Windows Server 2003 machine but NSClient is installed natively(the server isn’t a virtual machine). This was what led me to believe that the native vs virtual instances of the OS is causing the problem.


No, it is not because it is a virtual machine. It works fine. NSCLient and Nagios does not know and does not care that it is a virtal machine.


Any idea what it may be? As in, are there common mistakes that people make when monitoring a windows machine? The install process of Nagios and NSClient were done the same(quickstart guide) for my client and the internal Nagios instance. The variables(as far as I can see) between the two instances of Nagios are exactly the same. Same version, same NSClient version, both installed under the local admin account, etc.