Monitoring Features web links issues


On the Tactical Overview page, in the Monitoring Features section, I see that I have Flap Detection: “1 Host Flapping” and Notifications: “1 Host Disabled”. However, when I follow those links, no devices / services are shown.

Flap Detection: “1 Service Flapping” does show me the flapping service, so parts of the section do work.
Notifications: “7 Hosts Disabled” - only shows two hosts

This issue is found on both of my Nagios servers.

Is this a known bug?
Any idea how to fix it?

v3.0.3 (also saw it on 3.0.1), running on RH Linux.



Sounds like you have multiple nagios processes running to me… often as a result of doing a reload rather than a restart. Stop nagios, killall -9 the nagios process to ensure all is dead, then start up nagios again and you should then be seeing ‘the truth’




Thank you. Only one process was running. I did stop / start nagios again (I had upgraded Nagios to 3.0.3 a few days ago) and that did not make a difference.


Hmm I would’ve put money on that fixing it… certainly haven’t heard of a bug like that, esp. odd as it appears to cross at least 2 releases of v3…

One thing, a stop/start will stop and start one of the processes but ignore the other one which has somehow become unassociated to the PID, so the killall -9 in between is the important bit. However, if you’ve checked and really do only have one process running then that is bizarre and maybe something is stuck/corrupt… MP had this to say in a recent thread, essentially about clearing out your current service/host statuses and starting afresh, a bit drastic IMHO but maybe something you might look at…
[blockquote]Delete status.dat and retention.dat if you want. It will just clear all your host/service downtimes & comments and status.
Stop nagios, delete those dat files, then start nagios again.
All your checks will turn into “Pending” and nagios will start populating status.dat again. no biggie, won’t break stuff, you just temporarily lose status info and you have ot re-set downtimes and whatnot[/blockquote] … post_11256