Monitoring Hosts / Services from Different Sites/Subnets

I am new to Nagios and so far I love the capabilities that it has to offer. After reading through the documentation I have not been able to find a clear answer as to if Nagios can gather data from Different sites that are separated by WAN links.

Ideally I would like to be able to gather data from my clients sites about server uptime, process information (SQL Server, Exchange 2000, etc). and send data back to my office for Network Monitoring and analysis.

Any help or suggestions about this would be greatly appreciated.

it does, as long as you can ping, telnet or snmp the machine on the other site there’s no real problem… if you have many servers in one remote location it could porbably be best to have a second nagios server doing the checks and forwarding them to your main site (distributed checking) but this is probably a second step :slight_smile:



thanks for the information that gives more insight as to how nagios operates for remote locations, after I made that post I saw some information on nrpe_nt and the plugins that it can handle. I’m going to try and implement this on some of my client sites today.

nrpe is nice, but if you plan on having a huge nagios site someday, then start now by making most of your checks passive checks. The central nagios server will not actually make the check, it will only have to read the results of the check, sent to it by the remote check. A distributed server, using nsca, or any other way possible, make it passive.

Even if you can’t ping the device, there must be someway to get the info to nagios. Have it emailed, parse the info with a cronjob, then post it to the nagios.cmd file, whatever it takes, the info should be able to be displayed.

jakkedup, thanks for the insight to the passive checks. I’ll have to look into this once I get time to implement and test these options, unfortunately this has been a very busy week and I have not had the opportunity to experiment at all.